Catering Locations

It’s all about the Location. Whether you are looking for a formal set up or you’re opting for something a little more casual – The Ibiza Catering provides the perfect solution in a multitude of locations.

Yacht & Jets

Being on the water or in the air offers endless possibilities – no matter what size and occasion.

Celebrating on a sailing boat, catamaran or a luxurious yacht? We cater to them! We can even help you organise the perfect boat trip anywhere on the island with our list of recommended boat charters. Next to boats, we can also provide you with perfect packages for your private jet journey!


Exclusive locations and private prestigious spots.

Unique and luxurious venues from beach clubs, mysterious caves with stunning Es Vedra views onto a private island experience! We have a wide variety of exceptional spots you may wish to enquire about and we will match your venue style and catering menu for an outstanding and luxurious experience.


Villas & Fincas

Choose one of our suggested villas or send us to your own.

Villas for nature lovers, finca farmhouses, luxury, modern, intimate or romantic styles. We can suggest the perfect villa location or come to your own villa or any other villa you want to celebrate at.


A truly authentic and soulful Ibicenco experience

Agrotourismo venues shows cultural beauty, giving visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with the true character of Ibiza’s lifestyle. We have agrotourismos to highly recommend, but if your already booked somewhere we’re more than happy to attend.


Let’s work together…

The list of Ibiza’s events spaces and opportunities for the perfect venue are endless. Take advantage of our insider knowledge and allow us to suggest the ideal setting for your event.